Anini Beach

One of the only beaches on Kauai with a barrier reef around it. The reef protects the inner bay from this big surf that breaks at the barrier. Great for stand up paddle, snorkeling, beach combing or simply just basking in the sun! This is also a great beach for kids. The Kamani trees which overhang the shoreline make for a picturesque scene. The Anini Beach Rd. runs along the beach for a little over a mile. Find your own secluded spot & enjoy!

Anini – North Shore

 Restrooms, Showers, Picnic Tables

 No Lifeguard

 Snorkeling, Fishing, Relaxing, Beach Walking


Entering the ocean anywhere along the Kauai coastline can be dangerous. Surf and ocean conditions change daily. Before entering the ocean check with a lifeguard or a current ocean safety report. To ensure safety swim only at lifeguarded beaches.