Mahaulepu Beach

Mahaulepu beach is an undeveloped, visually stunning stretch of coastline along the south-eastern shore of the island.  The beach has a golden sand shoreline and rocky landscape with varying elevations.  From many vantage points, gorgeous views of the waves crashing against the rockline and the magnificent Haupu mountain can be seen.

We suggest exploring the beach and its coastal trail on foot as it will give you a chance to discover stunning panoramic views on your own accord.  The waters are better suited for experienced swimmers because of the strong winds and currents in the area. The beach is also a great place for hikes, bodyboarding, whale watching (seasonal), kite surfing and exploring the heritage sites.

The Mahaulepu beach consists of three separate beaches namely Gillin’s Beach, Kawaiola Bay and Ha’ula Beach. The beach is often uncrowded as it takes more effort to come here than other popular beaches on the island.

Directions: Just past the Grand Hyatt & Poipu Bay Golf Club, Poipu Road comes to an end. Where the pavement ends, a dirt road begins, and it’s another 1.5 mile drive to the parking area from there. The beach road dead ends near CJM Stables -you will see the dirt lot parking area adjacent to the stables. From the parking area it’s a 10 minute walk down the hill to the beach.

Poipu – South Side

 No Facilities

No Lifeguard

Snorkeling, Hiking, Whale Watching, Beach Walking

Important Information regarding safety


Entering the ocean anywhere along the Kauai coastline can be dangerous. Surf and ocean conditions change daily. Before entering the ocean check with a lifeguard or a current ocean safety report. To ensure safety swim only at lifeguarded beaches.