Hawaiian Sailing Canoe

Seasonal May - Sept

Hawaiian Sailing Canoe

per person

Relax and let the sweet Hawaiian air kiss your face as you enjoy the views from out on the ocean at Hanalei Bay.

From the canoe get a clear view of the Na Molo Kama mountain range which hugs the bay. Travel back in time as your local guide takes you out on his hand strapped traditional sailing canoe. No motors in involved, just pure ancient sailing technique as your guide steers his canoe with a paddle. Sit in the canoe haul and take a few strokes if you wish or just lay up on the trampoline and enjoy the exhilaration of racing with the sweet trade wind breeze.


This private sailing experience done on an authentic hand strapped outrigger canoe will be a highlight of your vacation. During the tour your local Captain steers the boat traditionally using a paddle as the Polynesians have done for centuries, no motors involved. Learn about Hawaiian sailing, and if you wish get a short clinic on the ancient sport of canoe paddling. Outrigger (ocean canoes) opened up a freeway of travel for the Hawaiian people as their only other method of travel was by foot.

  1.5 hour

  • $1,200 private charter (3+yrs)

  6 person max

Hanalei Bay – North Shore

Cancellation policy: 72 hours

4.7% Hawaii State sales tax applies to tour rates