Waterfall Zipline Course

per person

This course is 2.5 hrs of pure fun with each zipline being different and unique.  On the very first ride, an 800 foot single zipline, you’ll be flying at 150 ft above the valley floor. From there you will move on to the 1,800 ft. side by side tandem ziplines.  You’ll be buckled in and safe to flip upside down and race your buddy. These are the famous center-dismount monster ziplines with the longest airtime of any zipline on Kauai!


Enjoy some high-altitude smiles while soaring above towering trees, through the forest canopy and high above rivers and waterfalls. Take in the amazing views of Kipu Ranch with its beautifully diverse terrain made famous in many Hollywood movies.  Your local guides will share the onsite locations with you..


Cool off on Hawaii’s one-of-a-kind Water Zip.  Hold on, step off the deck and plunge into a refreshing Bamboo Pool, a natural lava rock swimming hole.  But save your smiling muscles for the topper- a flight on the Kauai Flyline (¾ mile long – Hawaii’s biggest Zipline).

Zip & Dip (swimming included)

2.5 hours

  • $159 per person + tax (16+yrs)
  • $149 kids + tax  (7-15yrs) 

 Kipu – South Side

Cancellation policy: 72 hours

4.7% Hawaii State sales tax applies to tour rates

  • Body weights between 70 lb - 280 lb (North Shore zip)
  • Body weights between 40 lb - 280 lb (South Shore Zip)
  • Healthy physical condition
  • No pregnancies